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July 20, 2022 2 min read

It’s crazy to think that summer 2022 is already upon us! After 2 years of madness, life is slowly (hopefully) getting back to normal, which means time to enjoy the nice weather and wear that outfit you've been dying to wear for sooo long! We’ve been eyeing these Summer trends to add that little panache to your style.



You know summer has arrived when you start noticing these colorful sundresses everywhere. They are fun, flowy, practical, and ideal for the hot weather. They are the perfect choice whether your calendar is full of weddings, beach days, or drinks on the patio. In other words, they’re the undisputed warm-weather closet staple! They essentially come in every kind of style, from casual to boho chic, there is a summer dress for everyone!

Fanny packs 

Fanny packs are back! I’m totally a fanny pack lover, and trends won’t stop me from wearing them. They are super practical, especially if you are going on a hike, or doing an activity that requires you to be hands-free.

Platform shoes

This trend will take you to new heights, literally. Reserved not just for heels, but sandals, sneakers, and Mary Janes, platforms deliver a welcome vertical boost without having to sacrifice comfort perfect for when you’re trying to look cute on a hot day, yes?

Vibrant colors

This is the time to bring out the vibrant looks to match a vibrant season. You can mix and match whatever bold colors you have in your wardrobe. For Summer 2022 in particular, you will soon start to see 3 particular colors popping up -purple, green, and yellow!

Bright prints & patterns

Have you heard of dopamine dressing? It means dressing with the intention of boosting your mood. Getting out of your comfort zone when it comes to clothes can also trigger a dopamine release. After so much time spent indoors, we all need a mood booster. Bright prints like waves, stripes, and graphic patterns will ensure you're ready for the season of dopamine dressing, which is going to be the trend of 2022

These are some of our favorite trends/must-haves of the summer season, but remember to always be true to yourself and have fun with your style any time of the year!

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