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Two major events are happening on this auspicious day. Firstly, the opening ceremony of the Olympic games in Beijing, set for August 8, at 8pm, 8 minutes and 8 seconds. Talk about precision. Here are a few pictures that a friend sent me, taken during the preparation. Alas I didn't think I was going to be able to upload them all so I shared more photos with "miss byrd" (of byrd + bleeker) and you can view them here.

Image: anna kuperberg

The second event, and more personal to me is the marriage of of my dear friend Rae Dunn. Rae made some awesome egg-shaped rocks for my wedding a year ago, and hand-stamped each guest's favourite word on them. I put each one in a little nest and they did look like eggs!

Image: rae dunn

I was thrilled when she took the same idea for her own wedding. Have a lovely lovely wedding R + J!


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  • glad to see you back on the blogging land!

    laura on
  • Thanks Laura! Let’s hope I can keep it up this time :)

    chewingthecud on
  • yay, you’re back! have an awesome day!

    josephine on
  • Thanks Jo! I’ve neglected my poor blog. Let’s hope I’ll do better this time.

    chewingthecud on

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