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May 07, 2019 1 min read

Last up in our series sharing the backstory of our new SS19 prints is Half Moon Bay. Named after a California coastal city of the same name, this print is springtime encapsulated. 

As with all of our designs, Half Moon Bay began with a simple sketch. Our founder, Viola, sketches each print by hand, often editing and redrawing them hundreds of times before she feels they capture the vibe she sets off to achieve. Like most of our patterns, Half Moon Bay is playful, imperfect, bright, and abstract.

Meet Half Moon Bay

Anyone who has ever been to Half Moon Bay is in awe of the relaxed, colorful, dreamy vibe. The city is nestled close to the ocean and within arm's reach of the redwoods, mountains, and countryside. It's rugged and peaceful all at once. 

Photo via VisitHalfMoonBay.org

The design process

Before it became the bright and bold pattern it is today, Half Moon Bay was about capturing the aesthetic of this relaxed, coastal town. Chill and soothing but equally vibrant and colorful, especially during spring, is Half Moon Bay in a nutshell, and Viola aimed to capture that feeling long before she ever added color to the pattern. 

There you have it! All three of our patterns explained. Which SS19 print is your favorite? We love hearing which ones you relate to most. 

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Shop Half Moon Bay in a variety of sizes and styles here.

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